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Usage Tips:

  1. Gas Tank Capacity: Google the year, make and model of your car + “gas tank capacity”. For example: when I google “2015 Nissan Rogue gas tank capacity”, the exact answer of “14.5” pops up in the results in bold.
  2. City & Hwy MPG: If you already (or only) know your car’s average MPG, subtract 1 from the average to enter into City MPG, and add 1 to the average to enter into Hwy MPG. For example: if my average MPG is 35, I would enter “34” into the City MPG and “36” into the Hwy MPG.
  3. Price/Gallon: Enter in the current gas price at your favorite fill-up station. If you are unsure of the current price, see if you can find the receipt from your most recent gas trip. The price/gallon will be listed on the receipt.1
  4. Miles/____: This is where you might get slipped up the most. While creating this app some testers were aware that they drive more on certain days of the week than others, so Miles/Day would not give an accurate estimate, so they preferred entering their approximate miles by the Week or Month. Other testers just simply preferred one method of entry over others, so we gave options! For example: if I commute 40 miles/day Monday – Friday and don’t really drive on the weekend, I would get a more accurate estimate by entering my miles via Miles/Week (40 miles per day x 5 days per week = 200 miles per week). We added the Miles/Trip function for individuals wanting to predict expenses associated with a road trip. If a friend of mine asks me to take them to college 750 miles away, I simple enter “750” under Miles/Trip then hit Calculate!

Results Tips:

  1. Price Per Tank: This calculation tells you the cost (in dollars) to fill your gas tank up from empty.
  2. Days Between Fill: This calculation tells you how many days you can drive without visiting the gas station, assuming your tank is full and that you drive until it’s empty.
  3. Tanks Per Month or Tanks Per Trip: This calculation tells you how many times you will need to visit the gas station per month, or throughout your road trip.
  4. Monthly Gas Expense or Trip Gas Expense: This calculation tells you the cost (in dollars) to drive over the period of a month, or from start to finish of your road trip.

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